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Types of Hot Water Systems

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Browse our range of systems to compare the various benefits of gas, electric, heat pump and solar systems. Whether you are motivated by energy efficiency, ease of use, cost to install and run or overall reliability, we have models to suit all household, or business, needs. If you are still undecided about system type, we offer a free consultation to talk you through your options.

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Brisbane Hot Water are Licensed Experts in All Types of Hot Water Systems

Brisbane Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Our range of electric hot water heaters are reliable and affordable and represent excellent value for money. Whatever your circumstances and water heating requirements, an electric system is a hassle-free and affordable option to ensure your hot water needs are consistently met. Discover the benefits of a new electric hot water system from Brisbane Hot Water.

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If you are looking to have a new electric hot water system installed, trust our team to deliver with reliability, efficiency and expertise. We project manage every aspect of the installation to save you the time and hassle of calling multiple trades, and offer a detailed pre-job quote service so you can align the work to fit your budget. Rely on our trustworthy technicians to install your electric hot water system and connect you with fast-flowing, abundant hot water.

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When disaster strikes your electric hot water system, Brisbane Hot Water are the trusted name to remember. We appreciate that any disruption to your hot water supply is frustrating, no matter than time of day or week, which is why we offer emergency 24/7 response where required. We will perform a skilled diagnosis to find your unique issue, and repair it using industry leading techniques and parts for a high quality result which will stand the test of time.

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Whether you are upgrading an existing system or installing a brand new one, we have you covered with our range of parts and products for sale. Our sales team are knowledgeable and approachable, always willing to lend expertise to your electric hot water project and ensure you are choosing the right system to suit your unique needs. Whether you need an entire system or are just seeking one hard-to-find part, we stock a full range of Australia’s leading hot water brands and can ship directly to you from our Brisbane warehouse for convenient, speedy delivery.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Enjoy the natural power of the sun and reduce your energy expenditure with a solar hot water system. Utilising ultra-efficient modern technology and harnessing the power of the Queensland sunshine, a solar hot water system is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional power sources and will provide consistent, fast flowing hot water at minimal electricity costs.

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You can count on our reliable team to perform a skilled, efficient solar hot water installation. Whether you opt for a roof mounted or spilt system, we will work with you to optimise the placement of your solar collectors to guarantee maximum energy absorption, meaning more power to fuel your hot water. We have ingrained knowledge of the Brisbane City climate so can discuss environmental factors with you, meaning more efficient heating, lower power bills, and better hot water system performance long term.

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We can diagnose and repair any solar hot water system issue. Whether you are experiencing a minor problem or a major system failure, and no matter what component of the system the issues stem from, we have solutions on hand to get you back up and running. Affordable, efficient, and high quality repairs are our specialty - contact the Brisbane Hot Water team today to experience the difference of local, qualified tradespeople for your repair requirements.

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Our top quality range of solar hot water systems for sale includes roof mounted and split systems, so there is an option available no matter your size and usage requirements, or your budget. Speak to our friendly team for expert advice on which system best suits your needs, and book your project or parts delivery with confidence in Brisbane City’s most trusted hot water service provider. Explore our parts for sale online or call the team to see what we can do for you.

Brisbane City Solar Hot Water Systems
Over 25 Years of Experience

Brisbane's Trusted Experts For Over 25 Years

For more than 25 years, Brisbane Hot Water has been the trusted hot water service provider in Brisbane City. Servicing gas, electric, heat pump and solar systems, we bring professionalism and expertise to every job.

Brisbane City Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas Hot Water Heaters

We can provide a range of gas hot water systems including both storage tank and continuous flow systems, both reliable and efficient when it comes to the production and storage of bulk hot water. Reliant on innovative modern technology but relying on traditional gas principles, gas hot water systems are a tried and tested option for any household.

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If you are looking to upgrade your existing gas hot water system or install a gas system in a newly built dwelling, we have a range of options which will suit your needs. Our expert technicians take the hassle out of your gas hot water system installation by managing the process end to end including integrating the system with your plumbing and connecting gas lines. Where safety matters, trust Brisbane Hot Water for reliable and efficient installation, conducted safely, on time, and on budget.

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We can identify and fix any gas hot water problem quickly and affordably. The first stage is for us to diagnose your specific issue, so whether you have a valve problem, burner malfunction, component failure, leak or any other problem, we will find it fast. We will design a bespoke repair solution to address this issue, taking into consideration your budget and unique circumstances, and deliver high quality workmanship conducted with utmost attention to detail for a repair job you will be proud of.

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We stock a wide range of gas hot water system parts and products, packed and ready to ship from our conveniently located Brisbane warehouse. We have a full sales and after care support team dedicated to ensuring you select the right product, and have comprehensive information and troubleshooting support on hand if you have any questions post-purchase. We can even advise on the benefits and features of many products, and help you make the decision of what system best suits your individual circumstances.

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Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

Save up to 75% over other hot water system types with an ultra eco-friendly heat pump hot water system. Leverage your home’s natural airflow and ambient temperature to fuel your hot water heater, saving you thousands of dollars in electricity bills over the life of your unit and reducing your carbon footprint - all while still delivering dependable hot water supply for your whole family.

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Our team of skilled technicians have extensive experience in heat pump hot water system installation, and can advise on unit placement for optimum ambient airflow and heating potential. Trust our dependable team members to advise and support you through every stage of the installation process, delivering a safe and effective solution that will revolutionise your hot water experience.

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We are on hand to solve your heat pump hot water issues, whether they are routine or urgent. Our team of specialists will start with an expert diagnosis, to get to the root cause of your issue, before talking you through repair options, timeframes, and costs. We use only certified quality parts from Australia’s leading hot water brands, and certify all of our finished work to give you peace of mind that your system will continue to perform at its peak post-repair.

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Not only do we arrange for servicing, maintenance and repairs, we even stock a wide range of heat pump hot water system parts available to purchase from our online store. Shipped daily from our convenient Brisbane warehouse, we have many items available which could just be the missing piece you require to complete your hot water project. Our sales team are knowledgeable and impartial, meaning they can give you expert advice on which parts or systems are best suited to your needs. When quality matters, trust Brisbane City’s true hot water experts for all your sales and spare part needs.

Brisbane City Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Brands We Use and Trust

Envirosun Hot Water Systems
Solahart Hot Water Systems
Vulcan Hot Water Systems
Rinnai Hot Water
Rheem Hot Water
Reclaim Hot Water

Brands We Use and Trust

Envirosun Hot Water
Solahart Hot Water
Vulcan Hot Water
Rinnai Hot Water
Rheem Hot Water
Reclaim Hot Water
iStore Hot Water
Dux Hot Water
Bosch Hot Water
Aquamax Hot Water

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We cater to every system type and individual requirement, so whether you have a gas, heat pump, electric or solar hot water system we have a solution tailored for you. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we are Brisbane City’s trusted name in high quality, affordable and reliable hot water services.

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Brisbane Hot Water are your local experts in hot water system installation, maintenance, servicing and repairs. Rely on our skilled technicians to deliver affordable, efficient and high quality solutions to all your hot water needs.

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Hot Water FAQS

What are the key differences between a storage hot water system and an instant hot water system?FAQ Arrow

Instant hot water systems heat water immediately as you require it, but may have some limitations around continuous usage, whereas storage systems heat and store hot water in a large tank available for use - which is great for hot water supply but may mean some limitation on capacity. Either option could be a great fit, depending on your needs, so the best approach is always to speak with an expert about your requirements.

Are there any specific considerations for installing a solar hot water system in an area with limited sunlight?FAQ Arrow

Solar hot water systems obviously require ample sunlight to produce enough energy to heat water. While Queensland is renowned for its abundance of sunlight, there are other factors to consider when determining whether your property is suitable for solar, including roof size and shading. We always recommend consulting with an expert to determine whether solar is a viable option.

How does a heat pump hot water sytem function?FAQ Arrow

The reason heat pump hot water systems are so energy efficient is that they don’t require a direct energy source to heat water, but rather rely on the flow of ambient air to increase water temperature. Because of the significant energy savings heat pump hot water systems represent, they are a popular option for many consumers. Let us talk you through the benefits and advantages of heat pump systems.

What are the main advantages of using a gas hot water system over electric or solar systems?FAQ Arrow

Gas hot water systems are traditional, sturdy and robust, and generally have a high efficiency rate and storage capacity. Gas hot water systems are also not reliant on climate and environmental factors such as the availability of sunlight. Every household is different, so determining whether a gas hot water system is right for you should be done in consultation with experts.

What is a hybrid hot water system and how does it combine different technologies?FAQ Arrow

Hybrid hot water systems, as the name suggests, combine two or more technologies for ultra-efficient water heating performance. For example, combining gas and solar technology means there is a backup energy supply in case there is not abundant sunlight for fuel. Many consumers are now turning to hybrid models as a ‘best of both worlds’ proposition, and they represent a growing part of the hot water system market.

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