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Experience the Brisbane Hot Water difference, with quality workmanship, reliable service, and friendly communication. Learn why we have been Brisbane City’s premier hot water service provider for more than 25 years, pick up the phone and arrange your hot water project with us today.

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Brisbane City Hot Water is a specialised business that focuses on providing hot water services in Brisbane.

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Hot Water Installation

Expert Installations Guaranteed

Select our hot water installation service for peace of mind that your installation will be conducted promptly, safely, and effectively. Our skilled technicians are experienced across gas, solar, heat pump and electric systems.

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Hot Water Repairs

Same-day Repairs & Upgrades

If you require urgent or scheduled hot water repairs, rely on our expert team for dependable performance. Contact our knowledgeable customer service team to book your repair and get your water flowing again.

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Hot Water Sales

Quality Products & Spare Parts

Brisbane Hot Water specialises in a range of hot water parts and products for direct to consumer sale. Whether you need parts for your gas, electric, heat pump or solar system, let us take the hassle out of arranging and delivering whatever you need to get your job done.

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Over 25 Years of Experience

Brisbane's Trusted Experts For Over 25 Years

For more than 25 years, Brisbane Hot Water has been the trusted hot water service provider in Brisbane City. Servicing gas, electric, heat pump and solar systems, we bring professionalism and expertise to every job.

Solar Hot Water Systems Chermside

Solar Hot Water Systems

Trust the power of the sun to heat your family’s water. Leverage the Sunshine State’s long daylight hours to generate the energy you need for consistent, reliable hot water supply.

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Gas Hot Water Systems Chermside

Gas Hot Water Systems

Trust our licensed technicians to install your gas hot water system safely and precisely. The preferred solution for generations of Australians, experience the reliability and efficiency of gas hot water.

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Electric Hot Water Systems Chermside

Electric Hot Water Systems

When you need dependable hot water and a high quality system, look no further than Brisbane Hot Water’s electric options. We have been installing electric hot water systems for more than 25 years.

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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Chermside

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Reduce your power bills and guarantee operational efficiency with a premium heat pump hot water system, built to deliver consistent supply for less than half the cost of traditional water heating.

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Brands We Use and Trust

Envirosun Hot Water Systems
Solahart Hot Water Systems
Vulcan Hot Water Systems
Rinnai Hot Water
Rheem Hot Water
Reclaim Hot Water

Brands We Use and Trust

Envirosun Hot Water
Solahart Hot Water
Vulcan Hot Water
Rinnai Hot Water
Rheem Hot Water
Reclaim Hot Water
iStore Hot Water
Dux Hot Water
Bosch Hot Water
Aquamax Hot Water
Shop Online

Looking for Supply Only?

Our online store is stocked with hundreds of top quality hot water products. Conveniently shipped from our Brisbane warehouse, let us take the hassle out of your next hot water project.

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Brisbane City Hot Water Services

The Brisbane City Local Advantage

Our local expertise makes our hot water solutions hard to beat!

If you need a local expert who has extensive experience servicing the Brisbane City area, look no further. Brisbane Hot Water has a team of skilled technicians available who specialise in hot water projects including installations, repairs, servicing and maintenance across Brisbane City and surrounds including Redcliffe, Caboolture, Bribie Island, and Chermside. We provide unbiased advice, product and system information, and friendly customer service when you need it most.

Your Local Experts

Servicing Brisbane for
Over Two Decades

Brisbane Hot Water are your local experts in hot water system installation, maintenance, servicing and repairs. Rely on our skilled technicians to deliver affordable, efficient and high quality solutions to all your hot water needs.

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Contact Brisbane City's Hot Water Specialists Today

Over 25 Years of Excellence

Our team of fully qualified and licensed technicians are here to service your every need. Don’t settle for a second rate tradesperson whose workmanship may leave you disappointed - trust the tradies who have been servicing Brisbane City for more than two decades.

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Hot Water FAQS

What is the best type of hot water system for my home?FAQ Arrow

There are many factors which impact which hot water system best suits your residence. Choosing between gas, solar, electric and heat pump requires considering how energy efficient you would like your system to be, what energy sources you have available, and the intended lifespan of your system.

How long does a hot water system typically last?FAQ Arrow

How long your specific system will last can differ greatly depending on the type and quality of parts used. Even more so, the maintenance schedule of your system has a large impact on how long it will last - like most pieces of equipment, regularly maintained pipes, valves, components, burners and water heaters will last a lot longer than if neglected. In general terms, a gas or electric hot water system will last around 10-15 years while heat pump and solar systems can last up to 20 years.

What factors should I consider when choosing a hot water system?FAQ Arrow

You should take into consideration upfront and ongoing costs, your water usage patterns and requirements, and the energy sources you have available at your home, as well as more personal factors such as the energy efficiency rating and environmental impact of your chosen system.

How can I improve the energy efficiency of my hot water system?FAQ Arrow

How can I improve the energy efficiency of my hot water system? Selecting a solar or heat pump hot water system is a good way to ensure energy efficiency, but it is not the only way. Choosing slow-flow fixtures and fittings, regularly servicing your hot water system, and insulting your pipes are also good ways to increase energy efficiency.

What are the signs that my hot water system needs repairs or replacement?FAQ Arrow

You may notice many signs that your hot water system is not performing at its full potential. One of the most common signs is irregular or unpredictable water flow, or fluctuating water temperatures, as well as water discoloration, leaks, and noises coming from your system. Higher energy bills than normal can also indicate that further inspection of your system is needed.

24/7 Emergency

We're Here In A Hot Water Emergency

When you need us most, we come running. 24/7 response and urgent service is available for your hot water emergencies, so you can get the problem rectified and your hot water flowing once again.

24/7 Emergency Service

1300 728 122

Why Choose Brisbane Hot Water Brisbane City?

We Offer a Lifetime Guarantee on All Workmanship

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and timely project completion, which is part of the reason we are considered Brisbane City’s premier hot water service providers. All of our customer service agents, as well as our technicians, are locally based giving you a more personalised, and more prompt, experience.

We partner exclusively with Australia’s leading gas hot water system brands including Vulcan, Dux, Rheem, Rinnai, Aquamax and Bosch. We take safety seriously and apply the most advanced ventilation techniques in every installation, to give you peace of mind about your gas system.

Our electric hot water systems come from Rheem, Dux, Aquamax and Vulcan. We appreciate the stress that high energy bills and slow-heating water can bring to your family, which is why we are on hand to rectify your hot water problems through a well-executed repair, installation, or maintenance schedule.

Eco-friendly solar hot water systems from brands like Rinnai, Envirosun, iStore and Solahart, combine sustainable design principles with cutting edge technology to power your entire hot water system, for less. Our wealth of solar experience means we can advise you on optimal solar collector placement, to maximise energy absorption and hot water production.

Heat pump hot water systems from leading brands including Reclaim, Rheem and Rinnai are widely popular for their incredible energy efficiency and reliable operation. Our skilled technicians utilise foremost refrigeration cycle technology to extract heat from ambient air to power your system, minimising your energy expenditure and reducing your carbon footprint.

Brisbane Hot Water is set up for emergency response repairs and servicing, operating 24/7 for when you need us most. Don’t settle for even one cold shower when you can call out the experts for a same-day guaranteed repair, to get your hot water flowing and your system well-maintained and reliable once more.

Call our friendly customer service team today for unparalleled expertise and prompt response times. We pride ourselves on our ties to the local community and our impeccable safety reputation, so you know that you are in good hands with any hot water requirements.